Canadian Medical Assocation

CCPH 2019 was co-hosted by the Canadian Medical Association and the Newfoundland and Labrador Medical Association, October 4-5 in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador.

More than 325 physicians, residents, medical learners, policy makers and educators took part, with 47 speakers, and 67 abstract presenters on the theme: Changing tides: Shifting cultures and creating safe spaces.

Links to the presentation slides provided by the speakers can be found below.


Keynote speaker Presentation slides
Joshua Tepper Moving to the Quadruple Aim: Ensuring Physicians Benefit from the Quality Agenda
Sapna Mahajan Psychological Safety/Creating Safe Spaces: Creating psychological safety in medicine

Conference Sessions 

Speaker(s) Presentation slides
Gigi Osler, Mamta Gautam, Rollie Nichol Linking Physician Leadership and Physician Health
Jason Brooks In Search of Equanimity: Lessons on Sustainable Health and High Performance for Physicians
Alicia Polachek, Claire Snyman, Jane Lemaire The Other Side of the Gurney: Patient Perspectives on Physician Wellness
Jo Shapiro Why and How to Make This Happen
Joy Albuquerque, Ted Bober Essential Ingredients for an Organizational Culture of Wellness: Safety, Justice and Connectedness
Kimberly Williams, Stephanie Smith, Suzanne Bailey R2MR/STRIVE/Resiliency Curriculum: An overview and evaluation of programs adapting and implementing The Road to Mental Readiness (R2MR) program
Adrienne Gaudet, Markirit Armultu, Nicholas Watters Caring for Healthcare Providers – Promising Practices for Creating Safe Workplaces
Mel Lewis Establishing Healthy Work & Learning Environments:  The Irony of Ailing Health Care Settings
Moderator: Gigi Osler
Panelists: Alika Lafontaine, Ivy Bourgeault, Kimberley Kelly, Michael Gendel
Gender Equity, Diversity, Unconscious Bias Panel: Promoting diversity and inclusion in medicine
Vanessa Rambihar Bridging the Generational Divide in Medical Education: Challenges in navigating a multi-generational practice and education landscape
Amber Hastings-Truelove, Erica Dance, Leslie Flynn Recommendations for Physician Wellness from a National Task Force
Gerry Giffin, John Crosby Time Management Can Cure Physician Burnout

Abstract presentations

Local Programs to Support Physician Health

Presenter(s) Presentation slides
Stephen Chin, Louisa Nedkov Schwartz Rounds: Supporting Physicians and Improving Quality of Care
Kelsey Mongrain Development and Implementation of a Comprehensive Peer Support Program for Medical Students at the University of Ottawa
Heather Toporowski The Impact of Leadership Coaching Within a PCN
Amanda Ames, Zachary Huschi PULSE: An Innovative Peer-mentorship Program at the University of Saskatchewan
Kerri Ritchie A Brief Resiliency Workshop for Tertiary Care Physicians and Trainees: Evaluation and Application Following a Mass Casualty Event

Health Systems / Culture Change

Presenter(s) Presentation slides
Andrew Clarke Striving Toward Psychological Safety
Kelly Zarnke Current and Forecasted Physician Workforce: How Do Health Systems’ Estimates Differ from Local Granular Review?
Sarah Torabi How Can You Help Shift Culture and Improve JOY in Work
Karen Dallas Strategies to Engage and Empower Healthier Physicians: Lessons from BC

Emerging Data

Presenter(s) Presentation slides
Karen Willoughby National Survey of the Challenges in Transitioning Back to a Canadian Residency Program After Taking Parental Leave
Lindsay Webster, Daniel Rees A Visual Report on Physician Wellness and Resiliency in Rural Newfoundland and Labrador
Katie Bowers Physician Burden: Identify, Understand, Inform
Aman Hussain Strategies for Sustainable Learning and Performance